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School Parking

Our parking is very limited! If possible, we encourage you to walk to and from school with your child. Physical activity helps children be more alert and ready to learn in the morning and helps to relax and wind down in the afternoons.
If you live too far to walk from home, we encourage our parents to use the parking lot at the T&Y Shopping Center located across the street on Norwood Ave. or the parking lot at Super X Market on the corner of Fairfield St. and Eleanor Ave. We have crossing guards helping every day before and after school to help make the trip a sfe one. Avoid the traffic...WALK!
map of area around school
If you must drop-off or pick up your children at school, pleae use the drop-off/pick-up area located between West and East Campus. This allows parents to prop-off and pick-up students directly from the playground. You can enter and exit our Drop-Off/Pick-Up Area along Norwood Ave. just north of our West Cmapus or by the entrance to our parking lot at the corner of Las Palmas Ave. and Forrest St.
Please drive with extreme caution and help us make sure all of students can arrive at school and head home as safely as possible!