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This page has many English Langauge Arts links and resources you need to keep learning from home!

Below, you can find links to the programs you will need to get to learning from your own class and teacher.

If you are looking for a specific subject, just click on the subject on the left part of this page for even more links, programs, and resources!

Swun_Math_-_Kindergarten Card Icon
Swun Math - Kindergarten

swun math k

Swun_Math_-_1st_Grade Card Icon
Swun Math - 1st Grade

smun math 1

Swun_Math_-_2nd_Grade Card Icon
Swun Math - 2nd Grade

swun math 2

Swun_Math_-_3rd_Grade Card Icon
Swun Math - 3rd Grade

swun  math 3

Swun_Math_-_4th_Grade Card Icon
Swun Math - 4th Grade

swun math 4

Swun_Math_-_5th_gRade Card Icon
Swun Math - 5th gRade

swun math 5

Swun_Math_-_6th_gRade Card Icon
Swun Math - 6th gRade

swun math 6

Khan_Academy Card Icon
Khan Academy

khan academy