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The Present

Located in the heart of North Sacramento, Las Palmas Elementary School proudly serves over 1,100 Preschool - 6th grade students. Across our sprawling set of two campuses, Las Palmas Elementary dedicates the West Campus to students in our Preschool, SDC Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten - 2nd grade. Our East Campus is dedicated to our 3rd - 6th grade students. Because of this unique configuration, Las Palmas Elementary is able to allocate grade specific resources in a specialized way that benefits our students and families.
Our unified focus, and the motivation of our entire staff, is to ensure that every student and every family have the tools and resources necessary to achieve success every day. To that end, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with the wide range of departments within our District Office that support us and our students and families.

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The Past

Prior to the 2020-2021 school year, Las Palmas Elementary School actually consisted of two separate schools on two separate campuses. These two separate elementary schools each have a long, rich, tradition of incredible successes in our community dating back to the 1950's.  As our community developed and grew, the services these two schools provided matured and grew as well. We are extremely proud of each of our histories and so grateful to those individuals at each of our campuses that contributed to our many successes over many, many years.
Today, we are only to move forward, and reach further because of the achievements of those that came before us. Despite separate paths that each of our schools took to get where we are known, we recognize that we now share a new path and new goals, together, as one!

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Noralto School

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Since opening in 1951, Noralto Elementary School has been the heart of the community. Decades of students continued to visit, or remained in the area, with their children, grandchildren, and beyond continuing the tradition of attending Noralto School on Las Palmas Ave.
In the mid-1980's, the North Sacramento School District decided to rename the school William D. Rogers Elementary, in honor of one of the district's champions of education.  By the mid-1990's, the community felt that the school's name needed to return to its original name, which honored the Noralto neighborhood where the school was located.
In 2011, and as a part of the newly formed Twin Rivers Unified School District, Noralto School would see Harmon Johnson relocate next door to its campus. After a year of serving its community, Twin Rivers Unified School District would combine its boundary with Harmon Johnson School, and reconfigure the campus to a Preschool - 2nd grade campus.

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HArmon Johnson School

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Harmon Johnson Elementary School's history is divided into two sections. When opened in 1980, Harmon Johnson School was originally located on the corner of Edgewater Rd. and Lampasas Ave. and served the western edge of the El Camino Ave. part of North Sacramento.
Within several years, the North Sacramento School District recognized the need for programs and services to support the many Spanish speaking families and their first-generation students. Harmon Johnson implemented a wildly successful bilingual program that provide support and resources to families in their native language as they developed English language skills.
In 2011, and as a part of the newly formed Twin Rivers Unified School District, Harmon Johnson School would relocated to the former Grant Skills Center on Las Palmas Ave. There, it would continue to serve its families for a year, before Twin Rivers Unified School District would combine the boundary with Noralto School, and reconfigure the campus to a 3rd-6th grade school.